Sunday, 27 March 2011

Census 2011 - do your bit for family history and future generations

The 2011 Census may be last one undertaken in the UK. The coalition government with its short-term, penny picking policies reckons that much of the information is already available elsewhere. Being sceptical of politicians, I am following the advice in the latest newsletter on the excellent Lost Cousins web site and have scanned a copy of my family's census return. That way, future generations in my family will not have to wait 100 years to find out a little about their roots. Still new to family history and genealogy but with the problems and research dead-ends I keep having,  keeping copies of such documents will definitely help in the future. Only wish I did this 10 years ago but I was younger, no kids, more hair...


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Waste sculpture by City College students in Norwich

Students at City College in Norwich have made a brilliant sculpture out of junk. It is at the Forum. Why not take a look? Certainly gets you thinking about what we throw away and the implications.