Thursday, 27 January 2011

Act now and help us save England's ancient forests

Act now and help us save England's ancient forests

Please stop the lunacy of this Lib-Con coven giving away our natural heritage forever, after seconds of planning how to find the next most ludicrous short-term austerity measure that costs us more in the long-term.

Politicians think in 4 year timeframes. They work for us so tell them "No" this time!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunny days are here again

Saw the sun so we braved the cold wind and went to Winterton on Sea and had a pub lunch.

It was one of those days to treasure as our 2 children didn't seem to notice the occasional cold and were so happy and joyous on the sand by the sea.

Saw a seal that came right onto the beach until various dogs having their walks scared it off.

Then our son collected a pebble and declared that he'd found a "sea snail". A mixture of sea air, long overdue sunshine and a love of Octonauts on CBeebies must have kindled something in his imagination. We took the sea snail home, now called Squelch (my suggestion), and put it in a pot of water. He "fed" it a smaller stone for tea and drew this picture of its home and the event of being found. That way it won't get homesick. All this from a 6 year old.

Never mind recession and austerity. Happiness is right under our noses with these simple pleasures. Just learn from the little ones. They've got life sussed.