Saturday, 14 May 2011

Norfolk and Norwich Festival - London Fieldworks in Eaton Park

Discovered that the nest box city we saw this Thursday in Eaton Park US part of the Norfolk and Norwich festival. It is  the work of London Fieldworks and is called 'Spontaneous City'. Also have installations at Cow Tower and Waterloo Park. It is meant to raise awareness of the ecological and cultural value of urban green spaces. Did it for US and worth seeking out. Shame they won't be staying.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Nest box city masterpiece in Eaton Park, Norwich

Went for a walk with my kids in Eaton Park on our way to get an ice cream. The cafe was closed but my son spotted that there were loads of nest boxes in one of the trees. Really amazing to see this unexpected nest box city masterpiece. Well done whoever put this lot up. Made up for the lack of ice cream.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Nest box success!

After putting up a new nest box 2 years ago and it being ignored, the old one, held together by goodwill, is occupied by a Great Tit family!

Getting the washing in tonight and I heard the chicks chirping, and saw the parents going in and out with insects to feed them.

Will move the new nest box later in the year, and hopefully get 2 families moving into the garden next year.

Happy days.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Shop art in Norwich

One unexpected opportunity from the recession has been the reuse of unoccupied shops in Norwich to display art by local artists.

Some isn't really my thing but there is some real thought, talent and humour in some of it like these images based on duracell batteries.

Great idea and trying to lift the gloom.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Royal Mail is rubbish but pity the Postman...

Prices went up for stamps today. A whopping 5p jump for first class postage! A record. What do we get? Well, my wife got a birthday card over a week late, normal sized, but because it was a bit arty and had a bit of string on it, was deemed to cost 10p more to deliver, so we were charged £1.10 to get it delivered. Verging on criminal jobs-worth behaviour.

Now they are putting postal workers in vans for spurious health and safety reasons and scrapping bicycles. We all know it is so fewer postmen can be made to be more productive by driving about, then taking out a trolley that can carry more post than a bike. Doesn't stop them getting injured by the real health and safety issues, like attacks by aggressive pets, and will be less environmental with extra road pollution and congestion.

Service has got worse and costs more. Gave up milk deliveries because the same happened. Maybe Royal Mail should be privatised as it can't get much worse? Pity the poor postie though. I'll miss their contribution to community life. No time to chat when they are speeding in vans and lugging excessively heavy trolleys to meet their hourly quotas...

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Census 2011 - do your bit for family history and future generations

The 2011 Census may be last one undertaken in the UK. The coalition government with its short-term, penny picking policies reckons that much of the information is already available elsewhere. Being sceptical of politicians, I am following the advice in the latest newsletter on the excellent Lost Cousins web site and have scanned a copy of my family's census return. That way, future generations in my family will not have to wait 100 years to find out a little about their roots. Still new to family history and genealogy but with the problems and research dead-ends I keep having,  keeping copies of such documents will definitely help in the future. Only wish I did this 10 years ago but I was younger, no kids, more hair...


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Waste sculpture by City College students in Norwich

Students at City College in Norwich have made a brilliant sculpture out of junk. It is at the Forum. Why not take a look? Certainly gets you thinking about what we throw away and the implications.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Act now and help us save England's ancient forests

Act now and help us save England's ancient forests

Please stop the lunacy of this Lib-Con coven giving away our natural heritage forever, after seconds of planning how to find the next most ludicrous short-term austerity measure that costs us more in the long-term.

Politicians think in 4 year timeframes. They work for us so tell them "No" this time!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunny days are here again

Saw the sun so we braved the cold wind and went to Winterton on Sea and had a pub lunch.

It was one of those days to treasure as our 2 children didn't seem to notice the occasional cold and were so happy and joyous on the sand by the sea.

Saw a seal that came right onto the beach until various dogs having their walks scared it off.

Then our son collected a pebble and declared that he'd found a "sea snail". A mixture of sea air, long overdue sunshine and a love of Octonauts on CBeebies must have kindled something in his imagination. We took the sea snail home, now called Squelch (my suggestion), and put it in a pot of water. He "fed" it a smaller stone for tea and drew this picture of its home and the event of being found. That way it won't get homesick. All this from a 6 year old.

Never mind recession and austerity. Happiness is right under our noses with these simple pleasures. Just learn from the little ones. They've got life sussed.