Saturday, 13 November 2010

Cat menace to wildlife

Arrived just too late to stop the killing of a grey squirrel by one of the many cats that roam our neighbourhood. Chased the black and white menace away but the squirrel was breathing its last. Owner had managed to put a collar on their beloved moggy but couldn't be bothered to add a bell to give wildlife a chance. Shame on you cat owners that let your beasts loose without a bell. Time to go and dig a grave before my little kids find nutkin.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Amazing Christmas gift idea

Finally got myself organised after nearly a year to donate blood again.

Feel bad it took me so long but at least I did it. Blood stocks are low and with Bonfire Night tonight and Christmas celebrations on their way, please give it a go.

It is easy, plus you get to eat chocolate biscuits and crisp afterwards! Nurses orders.


Donating blood is giving someone the gift of life. Go to the web site for the

 National Blood Service and type in your post code to find your nearest session.