Thursday, 22 April 2010

Grey squirrel dilemma

Was pegging out washing this morning and spotted a young grey squirrel in a shady part of our garden on the forage. He got really close and despite what they have done to the red squirrels in this country, it was very sweet.

He disappeared in our shrubs and I didn't think any more about it as we get loads of squirrels in our garden, nicking the food I leave for the birds.

Late afternoon, I saw a neighbourhood cat stalking something and spotted a bushy tail poking above the grass at the base of one of our pine trees. I chased that away and saw the little squirrel again. It didn't want to move and eventually curled up and went to sleep on the ground.

This one of those wildlife dilemmas. Should I try to look after it in a box or leave it alone and let nature take it's course. I chose the latter but when another menacing cat appeared at sunset, I scared that one away and gave the squirrel a friendly nudge and it shot up the tree. Hope it stays there tonight.
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