Saturday, 19 December 2009

Copenhagen shame

Made a snowman with my son this morning as we've had a lot of snow in Norwich. We had a lovely time and for a time I could forget about the news I heard at breakfast time of the complete failure to delivery anything meaningful at the Copenhagen Summit. The politicians and delegates should be ashamed. Ours and future generations were depending on them for binding and realistic action to halt the harm we've been causing because of excessive use of fossil fuels and resources. Its time for us all to be leaders and make our own contribution to saving the planet, because our elected leaders failed and let the world down. I will certainly be showing my anger at the next election and voting for whoever has a clue and a plan to do what is necessary to look after my childrens future. We thought we had another leader to inspire the world into amazing achievements but Obama let us down. A sad day, but at least we made a great snowman! :-)
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