Saturday, 10 October 2009

Green Party residents survey in Eaton

I guess with the main political parties having their conferences, we should expect more knocks on the door and questions about our main issues locally, nationally, and oh yes, who do we intend to vote for?

I get a bit weary of politics and politicians like most people. That said, I'm not sure what the alternative is? Given that there are some good people out there who do have a calling to serve the public and are brave enough to have a go at politics, I guess we should try to support them. The rest is up to them.

When our doorbell went at lunchtime with some far-too-young canvasser asking us to complete a residents survey form for the Green Party, we decided to fill it in. Apart from a bit of a leading question on re-nationalising the railways and having more regulation on the buses (would have preferred a series of options here), it was a good survey and I hope Adrian Ramsay listens to the residents of Norwich South when he stands at the next election.

Not sure who I'll vote for but it is so important that you vote, if only so you don't lose the right to moan about whoever gets in.

After months of disillusionment with politics and politicians, I think it is time we helped them out to turn things around and tell them like it is.

I've dcided that I'll fill in any surveys that I'm asked to do, even by the Conservatives, who I'm definitely allergic to! ;-)
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