Thursday, 17 September 2009

Innovation in Sony Ericsson mobiles and energy saving tips

I've been trying to sort out a replacement handset with O2 for 2 months after my beloved C905 handset developed a faulty earpiece speaker (basically you could not hear the person who called you!). Turns out to be a fequent known fault.

Eventually, after being passed around and being given incorrect information, O2 Customer Services were very good and sent me a new replacement Sony Ericsson W995.

It is a Walkman one, which made me feel a bit old as I remember the first cassette Walkmans. That said I can still take good photos and use it for blogging as I did the old one.

A nice surprise was that after charging the battery and disconnecting the charger, an energy-saving message came up on the screen (as pictured above). It points out:
Unplug the charger from the socket as well, in order to save energy.

A simple thing to add but well done Sony Ericsson! So many of us leave chargers plugged in and switched on, little knowing that this means the charger carries on consuming electricity, costing us money and resulting in needless extra carbon emissions and climate change.

It is great to be able to say a well done. These little steps do make a difference.

Before you buy you next item of electrical equipment, why not take a look at Greenpeace's table about Greener Electronics and how well known companies are performing?

Sony Ericsson are 3rd behind Samsung and Nokia at the top, suggesting that the mobile phone industry is trying to take a lead on sustainability, which is great given the millions of handsets disposed of and manufactured each year.
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