Friday, 5 June 2009

Think twice before buying Simple slippers - not so sustainable after all!

In a previous post on receiving for Christmas what I thought were the best eco-slippers ever. These were from Simple, and were the grey coloured underlay sort.

Regretfully, I had a duff pair with the sole peeling off one of them.

After having these replaced without any problems by John Lewis, my replacements have started to self-destruct with the upper on one of them coming apart in two places.

I have worn these as slippers around the house and have not caught the woollen uppers on anything.

These are expensive and Simple promote them as sustainable. Frankly, that seems like rubbish to me, much like the materials from which they are made.

It is disappointing and makes me angry that a company has such poor testing in its product development and seems to have jumped on the "sustainble living" bandwagon to cash in.

When you next are in the market for some slippers, please think twice before spending a lot of money on Simple Shoes products.

Might be better to make your own, as suggested on Sew Green or maya*made, or maybe support your local market traders and buy some there?

If you read this Simple Shoes, selling duff products at a premium price is outrageous and two sets of slippers coming apart like this for the same person must mean they are dodgy. And by the way, where is my reply after contacting you about the first pair?

Simple Shoes give sustainability a bad name and undermine an important lifestyle change that we all need to make. :-(

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