Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Think feet

Had to go to London for a conference on reducing corporate carbon footprints. Was staying in a hotel near the venue and had to work out how to get there in time for the early start. Saw this 'Think Feet' campaign being promoted by the London Mayor, suggesting that many journeys can and should be made on foot in London. If you use the Underground, it is easy to miss the fact that you may only be around the corner from your destination with the Tube costing more and taking more time. It took me less than 200 minutes to walk in the lovely sunshine we had today. The thought of the Tube wearing a suit in the heat was not inviting. Had to do this on the way back to catch the train home to Norwich and had my own taste of global warning, or at least of melting rather than the glaciers. ;-) Maybe Think Feet should go nationwide?
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