Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy Christmas? Eco slippers from Simple prove disappointing

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Mine was a lovely time with the family. I seen to have got to an age when receiving slipper, socks and aftershave is great. Not sure when that happened?!
My wife splashed out and got of what seemed like the Rolls Royce of slippers from Simple, a very eco and ethical company. Simple call them 'house shoes' and mine were the grey coloured underlay sort. These sustainable slippers did, for a few days, rank as the best ever on comfort, looks and feel good factor because of the materials used.
Then the glue failed and a sole started to seek apart. It is annoying as you pay a premium for these things and the finish or glue was not up to standard. Ok, it is environmentally friendly water-based glue but as much as I care about the environment, we really should be able in 2009 to be able to produce glue that actually sticks.
No wonder why some people are reluctant to try sustainable products if Simple make shoes or in my case slippers that are not fit for purpose.
Against my better judgement we went back and exchanged them at John Lewis for an identical pair.
I just hope this was a rare bit of bad luck for me and Simple can justifiably make their claims of 'sustainable slippers for a sleepy planet' and 'shoes for a happy planet'.
Sustainability is about people, planet and profit so Simple would do well to remember that it is no good having a happy planet without happy customers as well. Improve your quality control, otherwise no customers and no profit.
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