Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Greener Trends - ideas for a more sustainable life

I know, this site is based in the US but I received a comment on my blog from Kate at Greener Trends and thought I would take a look.

As a gadget lover, to see a backpack covered in solar panels immediately got my attention, even if I don't really need one, it is still quite cool. :-) If you want one, go and take a look at the Voltaic Systems site for more info.

This site is worth a look as there are some good posts to inspire you about greener and more sustainable living, technology, greenwashing and even ideas for toys for Christmas for children.

It is great to see and read about like minded people in the US. With the imminent arrival of President Barack Obama, who knows, maybe we will have a new champion for sustainable living with some real clout on the world stage?

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