Thursday, 23 October 2008

Charitable giving during the credit crunch - give blood

Last week I took the plung and gave blood. We had a mobile blood donation lorry from the National Blood Service park near to my workplace and I thought that there were no excuses.

I had made an appointment in advance and had the obligatory questionnaire to fill in. Questionnaires are usually a pain but in this case, don't we all want the reassurance that our blood donated and indeed given to someone is suitable and safe? Didn't take long and the staff were brilliant.

The lorry was small but really well organised and had a friendly and happy atmosphere. The blood donation bit was fine and it was nice to lay down for a while and have some time to relax away from work, listening to some mindless drivel on a local radio station. It was only about 10 minutes but I was there for about an hour and got a drink and a snack afterwards.

I will definitely do this again, not least because I discovered only about 5 in 100 of us who can give blood actually do.

At a time when we are all watching our pennies and are probably cutting back on charitable donations, why not give blood and save a life?

It'll cost you nothing and give someone everything.

I am still on a high at the thought of that and it isn't the blood loss, as that was just under a pint! ;-)
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