Thursday, 14 August 2008

John West slammed in Greenpeace's "Tinned Tuna's Hidden Catch" Report

Greenpeace has just published a report into the tinned tuna industry called "Tinned Tuna's Hidden Catch".

It is a massive global industry, with tuna exports worth more than any other fish species, at around 2.7 billion dollars per year.

Some tuna species are being over-fished, and bad fishing practices are being blamed for large numbers of sea turtles, sharks and other fish being wiped out by this global industry.

Worryingly, I discovered that a dolphin-friendly label is not a guarantee of sustainably fished tuna.

In the UK, John West is cited as having the worst record, and Greenpeace has produced a league table of tinned tuna retailers to help you shop in a more ethical and sustainable way.

We do buy tinned tuna and am pleased to say that we tend to shop at Sainsbury's and they currently top the league table with the most responsible sourcing of their tuna.

Let's hope the other retailers catch up and are shamed into action by this league table and report.

Why not nudge them by voting with your feet and shopping for your tuna at the better retailers?
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