Saturday, 30 August 2008

Friends of the Earth Petition "For Less Polluting Cars" in Europe

Friends of the Earth have started a petition to set tough CO2 emission limits on new cars registered in the European Union.
In October 2008 the European Parliament is to vote to adopt the European Commission’s proposed regulation on CO2 emission limits.
The proposed limit for new cars registered in the EU is to be 130g CO2 / km instead of the existing 160g CO2 / km.
Friends of the Earth believes that 130g / km is not enough and is campaigning for a more restrictive limit of 120g CO2 / km with further reductions to follow, (80g/km in 2020 and 65g/km in 2025).
To highlight this they have set up a microsite called For Less Polluting Cars to get people concerned about this to write to their MEPs.
Our car is not the most environmentally friendly one but like many families, we need an MPV and it was what we could afford second hand at the time. That said, we want things to get better so supporting this reduction is in all our interests, and may make less polluting cars more affordable.
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