Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Raise money for charity by web searches with VeoSearch.com

Received a comment following my post on the free eco search engine called Ecocho, letting me know about a search engine that supports sustainable development charities.

Veosearch gives money to a number of Sustainable Development projects through the online searches made via the site. It has just launched in the UK having started in Paris.

Every search generates advertisement revenues. 50 % of these revenues are distributed to the charities on the site.

The searches are in partnership with Google, Yahoo, Ask, Exalead so should be pretty good.

The charities are engaged in at least one of the three main pillars of Sustainable Development: social work, environment protection or sustainable economics. The list of charities can be added to and can be found here.

For more information on Veosearch works visit the FAQs area, and to support specific charities, you need to register an account. After that, you support the charities you want by clicking on “add” or “+” on their own pages. These will then automatically be part of your selection and will remain until you change your selection.

Looks like a good idea and I will get round to changing the search engine on my blog to help generate revenue for one of the charities. More info on how to do this or other ways to show your support for Veosearch and its fundraising follow this link.
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