Friday, 8 February 2008

Garden waste scheme to be extended across Norwich

Norwich City Council launched a brown bin pilot scheme last April. For £35, residents of Eaton and Crome wards could buy this service for fortnightly doorstep collection of gardening waste.
It has been a great success with 1,700 households signing up, and more than 400 tonnes of garden waste collected in its forst six months.
As a result, the scheme will now be made available to all residents within the Norwich City Council's area.
This is great news and I have even seen at the Waste Disposal area/Dump at Kettingham that you can purchase compost. I guess that this will be an output from some of this garden waste?
We'll certainly be renewing this service.
You can download a leaflet about the scheme or visit the Garden Waste Recycling section of the Norwich City Council web site for more details.

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