Thursday, 31 January 2008

Act of kindness at Pret A Manger in London

Been on a training course all week in London. It is amazing what a culture shock it has been. Loud, busy, scruffy and at times, unfriendly. On my way back to the hotel in the cold and wet, I spotted a Pret A Manger and decided to get a coffee.
Placed my order and a lady got on with making it. Got ready to pay when she said "I am sorry that I did not give you my full attention so please accept the coffee as a gift".
I was a bit shocked and said there was no need and I was happy to pay. Then I realised that she was being sincere and looked a bit disappointed.
You don't expect people to offer you gifts, especially strangers working in Pret on The Strand. So in the end I accepted the gift and thanked her for the kindness shown.
It is far too easy to become suspicious of people and sometimes, like this evening for me, a person just wanted to be generous.
Thank you whoever you were. You made my day. Just the sort of person you want working for you. Give her a pay rise Pret A Manger! :-)
Also, well done Pret on going organic and Fairtrade. You can find out about their sustainability efforts from their web site.
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