Friday, 2 November 2007

Norwich's largest "No Cold Calling Zone" to be launched in Eaton

After inviting Eaton residents to vote on the issue, on Wednesday the 7th November, Norwich is going to launch its largest "No Cold Calling Zone".

At 11 a.m. on the 7th November on the corner of Norvic Drive and Leng Crescent, residents are invited to the launch and to show their support for the scheme, which will be attended by a Trading Standards Officer.

This scheme means that this area of Eaton is a specified zone where the residents, supported by Norfolk Trading Standards, declare they are not willing to accept uninvited callers.

A "No Cold Calling Zone" is a designated area where the resident community declare they no longer wish to accept traders calling at their homes without an appointment.

The zone is designated via the installation of signs at the entrance and exit to the zone and residents are supplied with educational and advice information and door stickers.

Nationally there are 427 "No Cold Calling Zones" with many more planned.

This deterrent to unwanted callers has its benefits, particularly crime prevention.

In Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire have recently evaluated the success of their established zones. Cambridgeshire report an 11% drop in distraction burglary rates and Bedfordshire a drop of 23%.

Previously, the first scheme in Norwich was set up in George Carver Close in Northfields and was reported on the BBC News web site.

If you want to set up a similar scheme in your part of Norfolk you need to download this form and send it to Norfolk Trading Standards.

More information on "No Cold Calling Zones" can be found on the Norfolk County Council web site.
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