Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Dimmable Energy Saving Light Bulbs Are Here!

I've been waiting for some bright spark in the UK to start producing with energy saving light bulbs that work with standard dimmers and at last, someone has!

It is the DigiFlux Dimmable and comes in 2 varieties and are equivalent to 100W bulbs. Screw and bayonet fittings are available.

The company that manufactures these is Varilight.

One works with a standard dimmer switch so long as it can cope with a minimum load of 20W (as pictured), and the other works with a normal light switch, which you flick on and off to control the clever electronics in the bulbs.

I bought one from Nigel's Eco Store and it cost me £10.95. The bulb that works with a standard switch is slightly more expensive (I think a couple of quid more) and I guess that is because of the extra electronics in the bulb.

The bulb works brilliantly and the light is really good. It warms up quickly as well.

The slight niggle is that the bulb hums a bit and it is noticeable.

Small price to pay though for reducing my electricity bill and producing less CO2!

In addition, my dimmer switch may need replacing to cope with the low loading on it and Varilight supply compatible ones so I'll investigate.

These bulbs are excellent and highly recommended.

Great to see that the company has won a Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation. Well deserved.
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