Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Ultimate protection against identity fraud - get a wormery!

Last year my family bought me a Can-O-Worms wormery as a birthday present.

It came from Wiggly Wigglers and not only gives you a good way of managing your fruit and veg waste but also gives you some low maintenance pets!

With the increasing concerns about identity fraud and the advice being that we should shred all paperwork before chucking it out/recycling it.

This has been discussed on the BBC site as well and the refusal of some local authorities to collect shredded paper waste has been raised because of damage caused to the vehicles collecting it.

Like in this article on The Register, I've discovered that this more sensitive paperwork, like bank statements, gets dealt with really well by my worms.

Why not put some of your shredded till receipts or bank statements into a wormery or compost bin with your fruit and veg scraps?

Protect your personal data today!

Get a compost bin and a wormery. :-)
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