Friday, 26 October 2007

UK's Top 20 Green Blogs 2007 - please vote for me as the "People's Choice Award"!

I was amazed to receive an email from the Jim Jay of The Daily (Maybe) saying that I had been listed in the Top Twenty Green Blogs 2007. Wooo hooo!

His email said:


This is the second year of the the UK's Best Green Blogs
which has just been published in Iain Dale's Guide to Political
and was compiled by myself, Jim Jay, at The Daily (Maybe)
where you can read the entire list.

just sending you a quick message to let you know you're in the top
twenty, congratulations. As a side benefit this also means you're in
with a chance of the coveted "People's Choice Award" too, where readers
vote on who of the top twenty is their favourite read.



Not sure whether this is good or bad as Mr Dale is a Conservative supporter! Oh well, someone has to be I guess. ;-)

The Daily (Maybe) is worth a look though, even if you don't vote for me.
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