Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The real cost of milk - more price rises from the Co-op

We get our milk delivered by the Co-op. Seems like a good idea. Supporting local farmers and dairies with the convenience of having the milk brought to your door.

The milkman left us yet another note saying that the price per pint is to rise yet again by a whopping 4p per pint from next month!

The note said that the price rise is as a result of increased demand for milk in the Far East and the rising cost of animal feed. Over the last 6 months, raw milk prices for the Co-op have risen 32%.

I think this is a bit of a wakeup call that we have been shielded too long from the real cost of food in general.

At least with the Co-op you can find out where your milk comes from, unlike other supermarket chains.

You start to think, is this service worth paying the extra for?

We just about think so, although I might have to learn to drink black coffee. ;-)
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