Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Carbon Calculators and offsetting - part 2

Thanks to some helpful feedback on my last post, I've learnt something new.

Apparently, we don't all carry 5 tonnes of CO2 by being a citizen of the UK and benefiting from public services. I was told this was the figure at the recent Sustainable Development UK Conference in London.

The carbon calculator from the Centre for Alternative Technology builds in this "infrastructure share" as 1.7 tonnes and who am I to argue! ;-)

In any event, I'm becoming suspicious of carbon offsetting as it seems to be a way for us all to not change wasteful and harmful behaviours.

With mortgage rates and utility bills rising all the time, the carbon calculators are a great way of auditing your lifestyle and getting ideas for living in a more sustainable way and saving money.

Whether some of these carbon calculators are more accurate than others, the point is that they can help you think about ways you can be less wasteful and save money and the planet.

That has to be a good thing!
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