Monday, 11 June 2007

Pedlars of pointless power usage and Star Trek doors…

Has anyone else noticed that you can be walking past a shop, nowhere near the entrance and the doors slide or are flung open in true Star Trek style?

I was on my way back to work today after a lunch break and was at least a couple of metres away from a DVD/Video hire shop and the doors whizzed open.

It was cold, wet and I had no intention of going into the shop.

It must be annoying, if not at times, a health and safety issue, for those poor souls working in these shops that get a blast from the elements outside by people just passing by. Not only that, how much wasted heat goes out of the door and is wasted pointlessly opening the doors?

Access to some shops must be a nightmare for those of us with disabilities. In a trivial sense, whenever I take my lad out and am using the buggy, we are basically barred from going into some shops as the stock is so crammed in as to make it impossible to move around.

Automatic doors are brilliant. What isn’t so good is the way they get set up.

People complain about the neighbour’s security light sensor being positioned badly and switching on too frequently. Maybe we should do the same about automatic doors on shops?

My workplace has a great solution. There is a large button that is positioned at the correct height for people using wheelchairs that can be pressed to activate the automatic doors. Otherwise, we can open the doors by pushing them.

Maybe we have become too lazy by using lifts and not stairs, and forgetting that we can actually open doors by pushing or pulling the handles?

If shops had optional rather than compulsory automatic doors, or positioned the sensors closer to the door entrance, then maybe there would be less energy wasted and they would save on their electricity bills?

The Times did speak some time ago about just how bizarre this situation can become with shop doors being kept open throughout the working day, and air conditioning or heating being on in the shop. Surely this is mad and no one can afford to do this anymore in terms of energy costs and carbon emissions?
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